My Great-Grandfather – The Navel Artist

My great-grandfather was a very creative person known as the Triton of the sea and the first official American Naval painter. Arthur Beaumont was one of America’s finest water-colorist of his era. (in my opinion of course) Arthur was not only inspirational to water-color enthusiast but he was also the first to paint the South Pole Using water colors. Arthur was not only an American with a dream but an American with a creative perspective on life. He was officially working with the U.S. Navy in 1930, painting formal pictures of ships at port. When war broke out during World War II he was commissioned to paint navel war battles while they were happening. AKA BA. Lots of his paintings made the New York times front covers during World War II and can still be seen on display inside the Queen Mary and the Pentagon. Arthur Beaumont was one of the best water colorist (in my opinion of course) and my Great Grand Father.

Just a few works of art.South Pole Great grandfathur beaumont Arthur