Music Video

This past couple of weeks Qtastic, Troy and myself have been collaborating on a new campaign for Troy’s music. We started out the collaboration at California Sound Studios, where Qtastic and Troy were making a new song called Green & Gold. After the lyrics were set in stone we decided to do a photo shoot for his itunes cover, which ultimately lead to a conversation about making a music video for the song. When we all met at the studio later that week to collaborate, Qtastic and Troy began to bang out a new song while I was sitting down on the extra comfy couch with my head phones on, blasting Green & Gold, and jotting down idea’s for the music video. After long debate and collaboration for how the video should go we decided on a good date and began production on the Green & Gold music video. These are some of the photos from this collaboration of creativity, enjoy! Stay tuned for the music video!

After a lot of hard/fun work the video is ready for launch! Check it out!

Qtastictrooyygreen&goldIMG_0163troyvideo image troydustinboom lastday postproduction