My Dad, the Glenn of all trades

The path to college or the path to work, while contemplating these two life choices my Dad choose to work. Glenn Dill was born in Los Angeles, California on November 4, 1958 and raised in San Clemente, California. He was team captain, MVP, all county, and all league of the San Clemente Triton football team between 1974-1977. While playing football he played defensive safety, special teams and quarterback, which rarely afforded him the opportunity to take a break. Now at the age of 54 he still as little time to take that well deserved break. Just out of high school he decided to jump into the construction trade and start his career early. In my eyes my Dad remains the hardest working individual that I know. Being a single Dad he does everything with his own calloused working hands such as, fixing cars, building houses, painting, cleaning, fixing his boat, fishing his boat, and many many more. He makes me want to take a break just thinking about all the things he can accomplish in one day, let alone in a seven-day work week. He has taught me many things that I still use today such as, never give up, always move forward, life is what you make it, and give it your all. He is the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back and ask for nothing in return. Thank you Dad for being an inspiration to all of us working men. These are some of the photos that I captured while spending a day with my Dad, enjoy!