Creative Adjustments with Dustin Agnelli

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to shoot photos with Dr. Dustin Agnelli. He is a very nice and humble guy from Newport Beach, California. Dustin has a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) from Cleveland Chiropractic College and runs his own physical medicine office in Irvine, California called, OC Back and Body Doctors. He asked me if I could take professional photos of him for his business cards and of course I said, yes. We met at my house at around 10am, due to the weather we decided to stay locally because it looked like it was going to rain. If you remember this past Thursday it was the rainy, overcast, hot, and humid day, not one of the best days to shoot outdoor photos. During our first set up Dustin accidentally dropped one of my flashes while attempting to help with the break down, but being a man of integrity he offered to buy me a new one and did. Thank you again Dustin for being a man of your word! I asked him if he would like to do some creative photos as well and he said “sure I’d love to”. I love having the opportunity of taking creative photos, while helping somebody achieve their goals. These are some of the creative photos that transpired from that humid Thursday afternoon, enjoy!