Alice in wonderland

A few months ago I had an idea for an Alice in Wonderland photo-shoot and usually when I get an idea I put that idea into motion. The idea for the shoot was Alice in Wonderland with a new age twist, now many of you know Alice in Wonderland as a children’s tale. Well I always looked at it as a long trip Alice might have had while consuming illegal drugs, for instants the base of the tree is where hallucinogenic mushrooms grow. After Alice consumes the mushrooms she would have fallen into the rabbits hole at the base of the tree or in other words “started her trip”. About two days after having this idea I would make a series of photos that would coincide with this idea. The first thing I had to do was find models that would like to take a journey down the creative path of what I had in mind. Most of the models were friends of mine and half of them had never modeled before. Amanda Smith and Kelsey Wells have both modeled before, while Logan Bestard and Greg Perdue have not. The second thing I had to do was find a location which every photographer or videographer knows is one of the hardest things to do. After finding a location in San Clemente the third thing was setting up the props, deciding on the make up and figuring out the outfits. I managed to do all of these things without a location scout, make up artist, set designer, wardrobe person or even an assistant. Luckily I had some great models that could help with setting up and applying make up. Thanks again Amanda Smith, Kelsey Wells, Logan Bestard, and Greg Perdue. These are some of the photos that I captured during that night of creativity, enjoy.